Spotlight _ Clothes For Clothing Stores In-store Lighting Techniques

Installed in-store lighting played a very important role in the store, you can improve the display effect, creating a store atmosphere, so as to create a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment. Throughout the store, is the finishing touch to lighting design effect, it is like a palette, can produce a variety of different colors, like a cruet, can develop different tastes, so clever lighting design, can enhance the value of goods, strengthen the customers ' willingness to buy, Visual marketing results to reach the peak. Explains that you should be able to know what clothing store Spotlight good, then clothing for in-store lighting techniques.

Proper lighting

Product characteristics of different lighting should also be changed in the way, in order to achieve targeted lighting style. Usually using of lighting method main has following two species: directly and half directly lighting, directly light strength big, and efficiency high, easy formed obviously of shadow, so, contrast strongly, is a has vitality of lighting way, on has gloss of commodity effect best; half indirect and indirect lighting, lighting efficiency low, but light soft, and contrast smaller, can for create light, and soothing or Dim, and gentle of mood, applies Yu style elegant of commodity or underwear class commodity.

Ju different color light source

Different light sources with different color temperature, such as incandescent bulbs for warm light, suitable for warm colors and fluorescent cold light, can make white and cold tones of goods more personality. Therefore, the use of different lighting, by artificially adjusting, you can create a different atmosphere, and make it seem cool or warm.

Lighting design principles

Goods visually prominent, simple and effective means of lighting. Selection of lighting equipment should take into account the principles of lighting and energy saving.