Road Lighting Series Description

The characteristics of road lighting:

1, road lighting have certain requirements must meet the national standards for road lighting, ensuring convenient security.

2, road lighting is generally used light interception, half-light lamps to control the influence of glare to drivers, a few can choose non-light interception.

3, road lighting design must be based on functional-oriented, taking into account the appreciation. To beautify, night lighting effect.

4, road lighting, low light more. Common lamp type has a single side marker lights, combination lamps, dual-side lights, wide roads high mast lighting can also be used.

Materials and characteristics of road lighting:

Cover adopts high quality glass, high temperature up to 200. C above, impact-resistant, unbreakable, high security (good thermal stability and temperature sudden changes without cracking), stable, long-term guaranteed transmission rate is above 80%. Sealing ring with new silicone rubber, high temperature of 25 0. C above, anti aging, long-term assurance reflecting cavity protection degree up to IP65. Shell, a tailstock made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum, the security firm, dense texture, light structure, the surface is smooth. Reflector of high purity (99.7%) aluminum plate by moulding and thermoforming, Anodic electrolytic polishing, high reflectivity (85%), good heat resistance, chemical stability and corrosion ability. Lighting exterior styling variety, has a high degree of "hieroglyphic" character

And ornamental. Led to a humane and vivid lighting.

Materials and characteristics of road lighting rods and bracket:

Mainly made of high quality steel plate processing by CNC bending machine into a conical or multiple-spindle taper; one-time automatically shut and the use of advanced welding equipment, welding quality without polished Rod has no transverse weld surface spray treatment after hot-galvanized. Supports can be designed and manufactured according to customers ' individual requirements from a variety of art form, to enhance the enjoyment of lamps. The overall structure of a solid, smooth surface, color, durability, good self-cleaning ability, strong corrosion resistance.

Road lighting design:

Road lighting is functional lighting design should strictly observe the principle of not lower than national standards for road lighting. Company design department using lamps detection Center detection of various lamps distribution light data, and using international Shang most advanced of lighting design software, combined customer requirements, site conditions and related lighting standard, by professionals for computer software simulation design, can get meet customer requirements and related lighting standard of design programme, to elimination subjective design of blindness, enhanced design programme of science rationality and economic with sex.