Product Process

1 pole

1. 1 pole

Throughout the cutting process, the research on the number of automatic plasma cutting, incision, and slit-less than 1mm, creating many favorable conditions for the follow-up process.

1. 2 forming

Up to 12 m CNC hydraulic bending machines, high precision, light poles forming beautiful, roundness of less than 1mm, a nice smooth, forming up to 12 meters.

1. 3 welding

Numerical control automatic welding shut machine. Shut this equipment set, weld functions in one, overcomes the effects due to the closure need to spot weld integrity in its entirety; welding seam forming, uniform surface, straightness is not greater than 2.

1. 4 plastic

The company during the whole production process, two plastic. Pole longitudinal seam welding joint for the first time after the completion, to pole Assembly welding accuracy and bulk lamp-a consistent look; the second in zinc-plated, before spraying, for eliminating hot galvanized pole bending due to thermal stress. Product assurance lamp linearity is not more than 1 per thousand, length is not more than 5mm.

1. 5 galvanized

Using advanced galvanizing technology, processes and advanced galvanizing equipment, also stopped spraying aluminum and zinc can spray is a combination of physical, no formation of zinc-titanium alloy metal adhesion is poor, short life problems.

The company fundamentally solve the following problems.

(1) specially made of SS400 steel plate by Shanghai Bao Steel Group companies (mechanical properties Q235), changed the texture of steel plates.

(2) the strict management of galvanizing process, according to the national standard GB/T13912-92, the technical parameters such as pickling, galvanizing temperature strictly.

(3) galvanized to ensure preservation of the good life of 30 years or more.

1. 6 spray

(1) strictly adhere to powder coating after zinc plating process requirements, spray top of bolt shotcreting technology to increase adhesion, and no damage to hot-dip galvanized zinc coating.

(2) strictly control the curing time and temperature, to ensure uniform, smooth, pore-free plastic layer.

1. 7 equipped with doors

(1) the distribution using numerical control plasma cutting machine, cutting, has the advantages of high precision, small cuts, and seamless.

(2) door equipped with earthing and grounding wire.

2 lamps

2. 1 shell

2. Shell material into the plant 11 materials ZL102 (GB1173-86), into the plant, the chemical composition and mechanical properties for sampling inspection.

2. 12 aluminum melting

Using CNC-controlled burner heating aluminum ingots and to a molten state and strict control of temperature, preventing the damage of aluminum alloy elements.

2. 13 900 ton Diecasting die casting machine, because the device has high pressure, high injection and injection speed fast, lock loss advantages, can guarantee the molten aluminum have good liquidity in the mold to ensure smooth, dense texture, without pore, slag, micro-cracking and other defects.

2. 14 finish, using fine grain paper to Polish the product surface, and complete drilling, improve their work.

2. 15 surface treatment

Because of the cast surface-contaminated products, through in particular the heating tank of cleaning fluid, Digest, remove the cleaning, dipping cooked, cleaned, cycle times, both inside and outside surface of the oil, clean the dirt, slightly glossy appearance.

2. 16 spray

Spray the finished in a full automatic production line, lines specially equipped on oxidative drying, powder, curing, cooling equipment, and its quality is made of high quality equipment, spray the surface is smooth, plastic layer, high adhesion, ensure the plastic coating life of ten years.

2. 2 reflectors

L2M using public ownership of pure aluminum plate, by means of special mould drawing, surface oxidation, high hardness, good brightness, and is ideal for light distribution curve.

2. 3 lamp shades

By 5MM thick tempered glass by thermo-forming, high strength, light weight and so on.

2. 4 Assembly

Module installation, easy to maintain and use.

2. 41 the installation of electrical components, done at the Assembly line, and having the pressure resistance, the insulation, light testing.

2. 42 installation of reflector and lamp shades

Reflector and lamp shade glass glue between connections, ensure a high degree of protection, preventing mosquito spray, dust, ingress of water.

2. 43 base within the foam structure, easy to maintain.

2. 5 body and face frames with climbing connection.

2. 6 lamps and main performance parameters

2. 61 lighting the lamp and lamp cover are aluminum alloy die-cast.

2. 62 lamp shade polycarbonate organic cover, has the characteristics of high strength, good transparency.

2. 63 lamps within the foam structure, high purity anodised aluminium plate tension the reflector.

2. 64 stainless steel buckle gilet, stainless steel strut brace, make installation and maintenance easier.

2. 65 introduce all stainless steel fasteners.

2. 66 lamp protection grade: IP65.

2. 67 distributed light: 150W-250W high pressure sodium lamps.

2. 68 the rated voltage and frequency: 220V ± 10%/50HZ.

2. 69 installation diameter: φ 60-76.