Portable Lights Easy To Use In Different Places

Summer,Portable Lights we all like to do more outdoor activities in the summer night, but at night activities do whatever need to light to lighting, so this means that we need more convenient light source. Therefore, if you can have today to prepare for everyone to recommend the gadgets, is absolutely very convenient thing.

This portable light source called "new design ultra-thin card folding pocket light", the name looks very long very hard to pronounce, if directly called "wallet light" will be better. The purse light looks like a credit card size plastic card, about 8.6 × 5.3 × 0.3 cm in size. The center of the card is fitted with a bulb-shaped pop-up LED that is powered by an ordinary replaceable 3v battery, so it is not as wasteful as any other one-time, cheap LED light source, so you can always use the battery.

This portable light source, although the brightness is not large, but it can make people feel warm ambient light, so if installed in the door,Portable Lights study or when walking in the night even on the tent, can play a role.

In addition, the portable light source is priced at less than $ 1 and can be shipped anywhere in the world. If you need such a product, you can try it.

  Portable Lights is a smart sensor light, can automatically detect the movement in the dark, then light up. It is equipped with internal rubidium magnet, with the adsorption force, easy to use in different places. The touch dimmer of the lamp supports self-adjusting the brightness of the light.