LED Lights Environmental Protection And Energy Saving Without Ultraviolet Radiation

The quality of the LED Lights is determined by the quality of the various components of the LED bulb. So when we choose LED Lights also need to look at the brand of LED bulb customer reputation is not good. We have to judge a product brand before or after the good, we need to affect the product in good condition in advance have a detailed understanding of the factors.

Affect our quality of the LED bulb to determine the quality of the first bulb, because the biggest feature of LED Lights is the environmental protection and energy saving at the same time no UV radiation, so for the human body is the most safe and best lighting products. Its brightness and color is also a specially designed, good LED light bulb brightness will not cause irritation to the eyes, giving a feeling of relaxation. So we in the choice of time, you can first feel the brightness of its bulb how,

The second product anti-static ability. If the product is more anti-static ability that the better the product. We understand the various products, the brand can be the product of the antistatic ability of a simple comparison, of course, we need to compare the same price level, so that it can better reflect the brand's price higher than which one higher.

The third look at the chip. The quality of the chip can be judged from the size and origin. In the same brand in the LED bulb chip bigger product quality is better, the price is more expensive. But there will be some differences between different brands. So in the comparison of LED Lights which brand is better, we can see the chip size. Chip production will also affect its quality, Japan and the United States chip is more expensive than domestic, but can not absolutely judge domestic imports, as our science and technology continues to improve, the chip production technology has a great improve.

Fourth look at the life of the product. LED lamp life is longer than the average fluorescent lamp, is that it is small energy consumption, the loss of the product is small, so in the same type of product, the days of Hyun lighting LED bulb longer life that better energy-saving products, The quality is better.

Finally, look at the safety of LED Lights. The safety requirements for LED lights include electrical aspects, fire protection, and health aspects. These aspects also constitute the advantages of LED lights compared to ordinary bulb. High-quality LED lights for the protection of ultraviolet and fire protection, we have to pay special attention when the choice of security, can not blindly pursue low-priced products and ignore our health problems.

  LED lighting has been high-speed growth, but because of the lack of LED technology standards, overcapacity, corporate vicious competition, many LED lighting products test failed results, but also let consumers talk about LED lights on the discoloration.

At present, the LED industry has entered a deep integration period. With the formal implementation of government-related support policies, and LED technology is increasingly mature, the future LED lighting industry output value will usher in explosive growth. Global market LED lighting penetration is rapidly increasing.

Global LED lighting product replacement tide from the rapid decline in prices due to the alternative to the most obvious light source products, bulb and lamp is the most popular market replacement type of light source, integrated LED lighting product type future demand will gradually Rise, especially in combination with intelligent lighting applications.