LED Lights Efficiency Of Saving Electricity

The use of technology to assist high cash crops is a new trend in agriculture, especially the application of LED Lights in plant growth, but also in recent years, a major breakthrough. Taiwan's Regional Institute of Engineering found that replacing incandescent lamps with LED lamps as a nighttime illumination of crops can solve the problem of output caused by insufficient illumination, and also can achieve the benefit of energy saving and increase farmers ' income.

LED "Intelligent Greenhouse"

The development of "intelligent Greenhouse" by Taiwan Institute of Engineering using intelligent LED lighting control technology to grow organic asparagus, and import IoT planting environment automation monitoring system, can automatically measure the indoor illumination, air and soil temperature, humidity, conductivity and other information, and through the relevant data analysis to adjust the light output of LED lamps, Create the best planting light environment for asparagus.

It has been proved that through led illumination, the total benefit of quality can be increased by 32%. In the future, the Model field domain soft hardware technology and production management mode can be replicated, and the fields such as other crop production, plant plant and simple greenhouse are extended.

LED Lights longer life, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other "theoretical advantages" have passed the practice of testing, LED Lights of the performance parameters are not used to say "in the improvement", but "in the further improvement", LED industry overall development prospects are generally optimistic.

With the gradual elimination of incandescent lamps and national subsidies for energy-saving lighting products, LED lighting market has been accelerating. The industry even sent the 2012 hope for LED indoor lighting popularization of the year, led tentacles are gradually into the home lighting market. However, the current price of LED lighting products is still hindering the led to enter the home lighting market, the most important factor. In terms of price, the market is 1.2 meters long, 21 watts of LED Lights is normal retail price of more than 200 yuan, while the same length and wattage of the traditional fluorescent tube prices are basically under 10 yuan; in the replacement cost of incandescent lamps, LED bulbs and traditional energy-saving lamps in normal circumstances also exist at least 8 times times the price difference. Such a price gap is naturally LED lighting into the home environment, the biggest obstacle. Many lamp dealers also said that the current led home lighting is still in the promotion stage, more consumers or tend to buy relatively low prices of energy-saving lamps; In the home market, energy-saving lamps are still the biggest enemy of LED lighting products, and home lighting is always the field of energy-saving lamps.

LED lighting is undoubtedly the future direction of the development of lighting, but how to reduce the cost of LED lighting has become an important link in the market. In fact, in the past few years, the price of LED lighting in the annual 35%-50% speed in the decline, Fang technology believe that in the near future, LED lighting prices will be reduced to all households can accept the scope, then is the advent of LED lighting era.