LED Lights Do Not Use More And More Places

With the progress of science and technology, agricultural technology developed, when the combination of agriculture and science and technology to create a "plant factory", the definition is that the environment can be controlled and in accordance with the planned control of light, nutrients,LED Lights temperature and humidity, to achieve " "Stable production results. Plants planted by the plant, is a "2 low 3 no" features, low bacteria, low nitrate, no pesticides, no heavy metals, no eggs, in line with modern health, health needs of the diet. And the traditional concept is very different, scientific data show that in modern plant plants grow vegetables than in natural outdoor environment, the growth of vegetables in the key nutrients on the more dominant advantage.

Artificial light plant (PF) is used for the commercial production of vegetables. The annual sales per unit area is about 100 times the open field production. Plant plants can be built in any building in any area because it does not require solar energy and does not require natural soil; plant plants are produced independently of the external environment and soil fertility. In the near future,LED Lights the plant will play a very important role in the real estate of the metropolitan health and safety.

A plant plant is a plant production facility consisting of the following six main components: adiabatic, nearly closed, opaque, similar to the main structure of the Treasury; 4- to 20 layers of cultivated beds equipped with hydroponic systems and growing light sources; air fans and Air conditioning; carbon dioxide fertilization system; water pump and nutrient supply system; environmental control system.

Plant Growing Light Source Market

Plant growth light source mainly fluorescent lamps, LED lights, high pressure sodium lamp, incandescent and halogen growth lamp.

According to market research firm Technavio latest research results show that by 2020, the global market value of plant growth lamps will be more than 3 billion US dollars, 2016 to 2020 will be 12% compound annual growth rate of growth.

By 2020, the global fluorescent lamp growth lamp market is expected to reach 1 billion US dollars, such products are popular with home gardener. Standard fluorescent lamps are usually used for seed germination, but the efficiency is not high, in order to overcome the lack of standard fluorescent lamps, high production and efficient fluorescent lamps. Compared with the standard fluorescent lamps, the newly developed fluorescent light is stronger but lower temperature, such products are more effective than incandescent and cost-effective.

By 2020, the global market for high pressure sodium lamp growth is expected to reach $ 157 million. The orange and red light emitted by the high pressure sodium lamp allows the flowers to be produced, and the results are ripened, and they can give the greenhouse enough lighting. The advantage of high pressure sodium lamp is a wide range of radiation, and high pressure sodium lamp should not be too close to the plant, because it will produce a lot of heat. But the winter greenhouse does need more heat. High pressure sodium lamp with a long time after irradiation will become weak, you need to replace. The average life expectancy of such lamps is 18,000 hours.

By 2020, the global LED growth lamp market will reach 1.9 billion US dollars, the compound annual growth rate of more than 25%. LED growth lamp market is relatively new, technology has been in development, continue to introduce more efficient products. LED life than ordinary energy-saving lamps 10 times longer, and far more than ordinary incandescent. Although such lamps are more expensive, they are more efficient because they do not require frequent replacement, while also saving electricity costs. LED lights life of up to 11 years, compared with other lamps, LED fever less, so to avoid the cost of expensive and complex cooling system. The use of other lamps requires a cooling system because the temperature is too high to damage the plant tissue cells.

LED growth light source opportunities and challenges

From the global market, LED lamp sales market is mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other countries engaged in less agricultural countries and regions. Some large international enterprises have increased investment in LED lighting. With the LED plant growth lamp penetration rate, the Chinese market is also slowly rising.

LED light can simulate the specific spectral components of sunlight, which is widely recognized by botanical research results. It is understood that in the plant world,LED Lights the dominant position is the green plant, in all the photosynthetic oxygenated biological clock, the leaf of chlorophyll on the sun has two absorption peaks, respectively, 440 nm near the blue area and 680 nm near Of the red area, one in the blue area, one in the purple area, and at 500-600 nm between the green light absorption is very small, so we see the plants are basically green.