LED Lights Advocate The Construction Of Conservation

Sound and light control switch for residential corridor, corridor and other places need to automatically lighting, its function is: daytime light control light does not shine, the evening light and dark control by the sound open, light, the delay for some time, automatically shut down. It is convenient and practical,LED Lights easy to install, energy saving significantly. The following is the author installed in the corridor in the sound and light control the actual mapping of the circuit.

Circuit structure: sound and light control switch circuit consists of four parts, the power supply circuit composed of D2 ~ D5 full-bridge rectifier circuit, bulb H, R6, R7, C3 composition, control switch circuit by R3, light resistance RG, integrated circuit IC, One-way thyristor SCR and other components, voice amplifier circuit by the electret microphone MIC, C1, transistor T1 and other components, the control circuit by D1, R4, C2 and other components.

Working principle: During the day when the light to the light resistance RG, the resistance is small, making the integrated circuit IC 1,2 feet input low, 11 feet output low, SCR SCR cut off, even if the sound to MIC The electric signal is generated and the bulb is not lit. Night light dimmed, the light resistance RG resistance becomes larger, IC 1,2 feet input voltage increases, but still not reach the IC level, only when there is sound, the voice signal to T1 collector into a high Potential, IC 1, 2 feet input high 4 feet into a high level, D1 conduction and charge to C2, when charging to IC open voltage, 11 feet output high, SCR SCR conduction,LED Lights The lamp is bright. After the sound disappears, the IC's 1,2-pin input level is lower than the opening level. The 4-pin becomes low, D1 is cut off, but the charged C2 voltage does not change and maintains the 11-pin output high SCR SCR conduction, the bulb is still lit. With the C2 discharge to the voltage below the IC turn-on voltage, 11-pin output low, one-way thyristor SCR cut off, the lamp goes out.

Acousto-optic control switch circuit is the city full-bridge rectifier, with one-way thyristor control, regardless of day, or night in the one-way thyristor off state, the circuit will have a small current through the series in the rectifier Circuit before the bulb H, the current is not enough to light incandescent,LED Lights if you use a low voltage small current LED lights, when the tiny current into the LED lights, will be issued a faint shimmer, day and night are very obvious The This is why this circuit can not use LED lights.

From the above circuit we can see that when the unidirectional SCR SCR is off, it is no current flowing through it. If the rectifier circuit before the removal of the bulb H, and one-way SCR SCR connected together, one-way thyristor conduction when the bulb H has a current through the normal light, one-way thyristor off, the bulb H no Current, no light. Completely solve the LED lights can not use the problem. We according to the above method on the corridor sound and light control switch circuit has been improved,LED Lights the light bulb H from 15W incandescent, to 3W LED lights, not only increase the brightness, but also save the power. Such acousto-optic switch in the market sales of large applications, although the circuit is different, the components used are not the same, but the working principle is roughly the same. According to this method of transformation, the incandescent switch to LED lights, in promoting the construction of a conservation-oriented society today, has a positive meaning.