LED Lights Adaptively Adjust The Brightness

Traditional fluorescent use of alternating current, so every second will produce 100-120 times the strobe. LED Lights lighting is the direct conversion of alternating current into direct current, will not produce flicker, soft light, protect the eyes from harm, but also on the work of other equipment, cold arson interference.

The so-calLED Lights good light is provided by the beam can really reflect the blood, the organization's color and its changes. White LED Lights is different from the ordinary surgery with a shadowless light source of the color characteristics, can increase the blood and other tissues of the human body, the chromosomes of the organ, making the doctor more visually clear, in the flow of infiltration of the body of the human body, dirty The device is more easily distinguishable, which is the general surgery with a shadowless lamp does not have.

Using a new type of LED Lights cold light source as a surgical lighting, is a real cold light source, the doctor head and wound area almost no temperature rise.

According to different organizations in different color temperature of the clarity of different adjustments to achieve better lighting effects.

The use of digital way stepless control LED Lights brightness, the operator can adjust their own brightness according to their own brightness, to achieve the most ideal comfort, so that the work of a long time is not easy to produce fatigue.

LED Lights lamps do not produce ultraviolet light, not as traditional lamps as there are many mosquitoes around the lamp body, so the room will become more clean and clean and tidy.

Using wide color temperature LED Lights light source, simulation of natural light effects, to avoid long-term surgical visual fatigue, to create a comfortable working environment;

A variety of color temperature control options to meet the individual needs of physicians, at the same time have excellent color rendering index, in order to maintain the organization of different components to provide accurate assurance of judgment;

Intelligent uniform spot control technology, the spot size changes but the light intensity unchanged, the lighting depth of up to 1.5 meters, the user experience better;

Automatic lighting compensation, when the light is blocked by the doctor's head, the intelligent sensor automatically detects the increase in lighting intensity, can be sustained and stable to provide effective field lighting;

Cold light LED Lights lighting, making the doctor head space and surgical area temperature is very low, to maximize the comfort of the physician, long-term surgical process will not appear dehydration phenomenon;

Control panel for the touch screen to facilitate intraoperative adjustment of light, focus size and color temperature selection, to facilitate the surgeon focused on the surgical process;

Detachable central control handle, suitable for high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Although the current due to production costs and cost-effective reasons, LED Lights operation shadowless lamp in the Chinese market share is not high, especially in the central and western regions. But believe that LED Lights with the performance in terms of "inherent" superiority, with the technology continues to upgrade and mature, reduce production costs, LED Lights operation shadowless lamp will enter every medical institutions, with its stable performance and good The cost of winning the majority of medical workers of all ages.