Led Lamps Why Energy-saving _led Lights With Incandescent Difference

That LED energy saving, are compared to conventional incandescent lamps. Because LED is a diode light emitting principle, electrical energy efficiency is much higher than incandescent lamps. Specifically, the former is about 65%, which might be as low as only 5%! Used to heat the rest. This is the reason why energy-saving led lights, the LED lamps with incandescent, what difference does it make

Many people know that there are several lights, also know that energy-saving effect is in turn LED energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps, incandescent bulbs. But surely not everyone is understanding.

General of incandescent light effect about in each w 10 lumens around, life about in 1000 hours around, it of work principle is: Dang lamp access circuit in the, current through filament, current of heat, makes incandescent issued continuous of visible and infrared, this phenomenon in filament temperature rose to 700K can awareness, due to work Shi of filament temperature is high, most of energy to infrared radiation of form waste off has, due to filament temperature is high, evaporation also soon, so life also big shortened has, About 1000 hours; energy-saving perspective, traditional incandescent bulbs due to the amount of infrared energy loss and high temperature hot, short life, the introduction of advanced energy saving lamps is an energy-saving revolution. Compared with, energy-saving environmental lamp main is through ballast to lamp filament heating, about in 1160K temperature Shi, filament on began launches electronic (because in filament Shang coated has some electronic powder), electronic collision argon Atomic produced non-elastic collision, argon Atomic Collision Hou get has energy and impact Mercury Atomic, Mercury Atomic in absorption energy Hou jump moved produced ionization, issued 253.7nm of UV, UV inspired phosphor glow, due to fluorescent work Shi filament of temperature in 1160K around, Much lower than the incandescent temperature of 2200K-2700K, so it's large increase in life expectancy, and degree of energy saving and consumption reducing, life of up to 5,000 hours, because there is no current incandescent heat, high energy conversion efficiency of phosphor, reaching more than 50 lumens per watt.