LED Basic Lighting Terminology List Stop You From "outsider"

Luminous flux: symbols, units of lumens Lm, description: luminous body issued by the sum total of the amount of light per second, the luminous flux.

Light intensity: the symbols I, candela CD, description: luminous body position in a particular direction of luminous flux emitted within the solid angle.

Illumination: the symbol e, Lux Lm/m2, description: glowing illuminate illuminated objects of luminous flux per unit area.

Brightness: symbol l, de-CD/m2, description: light in a particular direction of luminous flux per unit solid angle per unit area.

Light efficiency: lumens per watt Lm/w, description: source of electrical energy into light, expressed as luminous flux divided by the power of the issue.

Life expectancy: hours, description: refers to a collection of light bulbs to 50% number of hours when the number of damaged.

Economic life: per hour, indicating at the same time taking into account attenuation of damage and the beam of the lamp output under its integrated beam down to a specific number of hours. This ratio is used for outdoor lighting 70%, used for indoor light sources such as fluorescent lamps or 80%.

Color: light the color of the light and blackbody radiation at one temperature light color at the same time, black body temperature is called the color temperature of the light source. Light source color is different, light color is also different, color temperature is below 3300K has a stable atmosphere, feeling of warmth; color 3000-5000K for color temperature, refreshing feeling; color temperature 5000K feel the cold. Different light sources of different colors of light the best environment for the color temperature >5000k: light color for cool (blue white), cold atmosphere effect color temperature 3300-5000K: light color (white), refreshing atmosphere. Effects of color temperature

Color: color is the color rendering index of the light source to show that it represents the object in light color than the reference photo (light) lighting color deviations can comprehensively reflect the color of the light attribute. Color divides into two kinds: faithful color can correctly represent the material to the original color using color-rendering index (Ra) higher light source, which is closer to 100, best color; color effect, to clearly emphasize a specific color, beautiful life additive method can be used to enhance color effect. Due to the differences in spectral composition of light, so, even if the same color, and the color may vary.

Luminaire efficiency: also known as the coefficient of light output is a measure of standards of lamps use energy efficient, it is the output of the lamps light and lamp light output ratio between light energy.