Landscape Lighting Products Description


Landscape lighting is a newly developed an ornamental art lighting. Landscape lighting suitable for leisure and entertainment plazas, sidewalk road, shops, a hotel, the bustling city streets, building contour lighting.

Landscape lighting features:

Landscape lights focus on appreciation, combination of design and lighting design, produce a strong ornamental effect.

1, light white and elegant, or bouncing changes; colorful shine, or rotating, and so on.

2, elegant and unique, profound or match mascot, or simulate some kind of scene, or reflect local cultural characteristics, and so on.

3, depending on the lighting function with watch requirements of landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting products:

Conceptually speaking, landscape lighting including landscape lights, floodlights, contour, Fireworks, lights and other lights.

Landscape lighting light source:

Light sources are usually used with Tri-phosphor energy-save lamp, color metal halide lamp, Xenon lamp, color digital led, low power and high pressure sodium lamps, LED lights, and so on.

Landscape lighting design:

Company design department professional engaged in landscape lighting of design, according to customer of requirements (lighting requirements, and style requirements, and function requirements) combined customer site conditions, place culture features,, focused on cloth lamp set of function and meaning, by professionals combined modern lighting technology for art created, sublimation customer of requirements, developed out preliminary programme, again by computer 3D software simulation out dynamic real, makes customer ahead taste landscape lighting effect, proposed modified effect views, avoid by design improper brings of regrets, The lighting function can be calculated through the lighting design software to meet a wide range of lighting requirements.