Installation Equipments Ground Protection Is Reliable

First note that the bridge inside the installation of horizontal and vertical, accessories according to the standard set.

Distribution cabinet arranged in rows,Installation Equipments distribution cabinets or between the basic type of steel with galvanized bolts to connect, and anti-loose parts complete. High and low voltage cabinet facade, the back of the flat, horizontal, vertical and good, spacious operating channel. The front should have a disk number, the back should also indicate the number. The internal wiring is neat and the table is correct. Terminals should be numbered;

Never allow any water supply and drainage pipe to pass;

The low side of the transformer neutral point directly connected with the ground trunk, the basic steel ground;

Cable terminal head, joints, corners and shafts at both ends to set signs;

Distribution cabinet should have a public steel base, the overall layout of tidy, cabinet wiring is correct and reliable. Trench cable walk in the bracket arranged neatly, segmented bundled, there are listed, grounding row layout specification clear, insulated file plate reasonable set.

Bridge frame design specifications, reliable grounding protection, cable into the cabinet reasonable force uniform, good external protection. Substation,Installation Equipments high and low voltage power distribution equipment and bare bus directly above the lamp should not be installed.

All holes in the distribution room and the partition or floor shall be sealed against fire.

Distribution cabinet length greater than 6 meters, behind to have two exports, and the minimum width of 1 meter

The door must be fitted with a rat plate.

Distribution cabinet before the work area to shop rubber sheet

Cabinet line between the line,Installation Equipments the line between the insulation resistance feed line is greater than 0.5 megohm, the secondary circuit is greater than 1 megohm. The cable is neat.

First, the installation conditions

1, lightning protection requirements

Wireless bridge installation in the field, such as the vicinity of no tall buildings or lightning protection, need to consider lightning protection measures, usually use lightning rod, generally installed in the city or the surrounding lightning protection, can not set a separate lightning rod.

Lightning protection is the basic lightning protection measures, the purpose is through the lightning rod tip to break through the air to trigger the discharge and the lightning current (charge) through the grounding lead into the earth, thus protecting other facilities. Therefore,Installation Equipments the correct use of lightning rod can effectively protect other equipment. But the wrong installation and use of lightning rod, the other equipment not only can not play a protective effect, but will increase the probability of equipment suffered lightning.

Lightning rod production requirements

As the lightning rod is used intermittent and air contact area is small, the air is easy to breakdown the principle, so the top need to sharpen.

All metal parts must be galvanized and protected from galvanized layers.

The top of the lightning rod should brush tin, brush tin length should be greater than 70mm.

Lightning rod must be grounded, lightning rod will not be connected to the mine.