High Mast Lighting Lighting Products Description

High mast lighting is often used to describe a group of lighting installation height is greater than 20m (20m) of large-area illumination lamp on outdoor lighting, lamp type can be raised and lowered.

High mast lighting suitable for: broad square, airport, roads, ports, three-dimensional intersections, stadium and other aspects which need large-area lighting.

High mast lighting characteristics:

1, good quality of lighting, creating a similar lighting effects during the day. By adjusting the lighting distribution, to obtain even illumination, reduce or eliminate glare. By adjusting the number of lamp power and can get the desired light intensity.

2, pole position further away from the road (1Om), convenient installation and maintenance, does not affect the traffic, avoid hitting the pole, such as traffic accidents.

3, it can save floor space and reduce duplication of lamp-cables and infrastructure costs. High mast lighting for light source: 25 0W-I 000W high pressure sodium lamp economic, high color rendering requirements of occasions such as: Stadium, airport, square, you can also choose to high-power white metal halide lamps.

High mast lighting structure Description:

1, the lift system: built-in auto lift structures, speed reducers-worm, use of the lock motor, with locking function and dual protection, design and lifting weight up to 1 5KN, link fixed lamps, stable and safe.

2, light rail: thickness for 6mm--12mm quality steel plate by large CNC bending machine a bend forming, no transverse welds. Hot dip zinc surface inside and outside, look for electrostatic spray, beautiful and durable. Type multi-angled plug taper pole pole or conical poles (mostly by multi-angled taper bar), the low center of gravity, mechanical stability, construction for easy installation.

High mast lighting control systems Description:

1, control: three way light automatic control, illumination light quantity, the switching time can be set to save energy.

2, plate lifting control: via a wired remote control, conveniently and reliably achieve lamp automatic lift, hook, hook and scour protection, ensuring stability, security and convenience.

High mast lighting design:

High mast lighting generally consists mainly of functional lighting, which is entertaining mainly in on the appearance of lamps, lighting design company using the latest international illumination design software, scientific simulation, and enhanced usability.