Garden Lighting Product Description


Garden lighting refers to the luminaire mounting height is lower than low 6m for garden leisure venues and no lighting. Suitable for residential, commercial streets, gardens and places of leisure venues, pedestrian streets and bicycle flows.

Garden lights features:

Garden lighting is a combination of functional and ornamental lighting, the spectator is superior, antique, elegant, graceful, beautiful, graceful, dignified and beautiful, as the stars little mosaic pavement, dress warm and elegant leisure venues and let people work full of enjoyment and relaxation. Garden lighting lighting requirements are not high, generally to within a short distance to see each other's face, should not be too bright; has a hazy beauty, abortion is more concentrated on the sidewalk may be appropriate; glare is unlimited.

Garden lighting material and features:

Garden lamp Rod body has casting aluminum, and General steel, and stainless steel material, which Qian two species material anti-corrosion performance good, and styling changes more, as aluminum casting lamp rod, and bracket and the lamp Bowl, not only styling diverse, and appearance can carved has various pattern, artistic high; stainless steel material born bright, color natural permanent, distribution to must styling to people to light pure of beauty; to buried lamp is to aluminum quality, and stainless steel mainly; lawn lamp is to casting aluminum, and steel quality mostly. Solid tight are made of stainless steel for easy maintenance. Lampshade materials selection of bullet-proof glass and organic materials (PL, Pc, PMMA etc), its properties are transparent and not transparent, colorless and colored points, depending on the type, select the appropriate color of the lamp shade, can play a key role. Color fresh and moving sense of Dim sense of charming opaque, transparent, translucent appearance.

Garden lighting type:

Garden lighting garden light (rod), underground light (no bar), lawn lights (integrated pole) three categories pose a low near the ground, and the three dimensional ground lighting.

Garden lighting light source:

Tri-phosphor energy-save lamp, low power sodium lamp, high light efficiency, long life, energy saving, economical and practical.

Garden lighting requirements and design:

≥ 1, protection class, seal performance IP55

2, the degree of protection against electric shock class 1

3, according to customer requirements, site point, atmosphere, set design, select or design the appropriate lamps and lamp in order to achieve the best results.