Floodlights The Perfect Fusion Of Lighting Technology And Lighting Art

Floodlight is a lighting that makes outdoor objects or venues brighter than the surroundings. A way of lighting outside the object. The purpose of floodlight lighting is varied, one is to be safe or to continue to work for the night, such as car parks, freight yards, etc., and the other is to highlight statues, signs or make buildings more characteristic in the night.

Floodlight is usually used to realize the lighting of the environment and buildings by means of a projection light or a scattering light source. The modern Floodlight project is the perfect fusion of lighting technology and illumination art, through the light and shadow, the color of light and the effect of shadow, render a beautiful and elegant scene, floodlight commonly used for lighting: incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten light, fluorescent lamp, mercury light, Metal halide lamp, high, low pressure sodium lamp, such as floodlight design, for the illumination of light and the reflection coefficient of various building materials, to be familiar with the heart, to achieve the desired floodlight effect. There is no standard evaluation index for lighting engineering design, most of the owners and party A on the lighting aesthetic perception, intuitive feeling, appreciation of the angle of the measurement, for the installation of floodlights, illuminance indicators, brightness, light uniformity, light distribution, light source types and other matters, in the lighting design is generally run through.

Floodlights are not spotlights, projection lights, spotlights. The floodlight produces a highly diffuse, light without direction rather than a clear-cut beam, resulting in a soft and transparent shadow, the illumination of objects is much slower than when illuminated with spotlights, and even some of the light that weakens very slowly, looks like a light source that does not produce a shadow. The spotlight casts directional, boundary-clear beams illuminating a particular area.

Floodlight wide range of applications, building floodlight: Highlighting the theme of building and buildings, emphasizing the beauty and texture of building. Landscape floodlight Ming: Make the Trees more natural (more with green metal halide lamp), make the waterscape more dynamic, make bonsai more pleasant, make the lawn more active, make the landscape more comfortable. The city suffused with illumination: make the city more modern, the image is more Zhuo, the light environment is healthier.

The beam width of the floodlight may be larger or smaller, depending on the position adjustment of the optical system and the light source in the luminaire. According to convention, the beam range of the floodlight is determined by the direction of the luminous intensity of 50% of the upward peak luminous intensity equal to the beam axis.