Floodlights The Beam Is The Most Accurate, The Best Reflection

Floodlights as the main product of industrial lighting, its development and evolution, witnessed the LED industry chip, cooling and structural process development. Today we went into the floodlights of the "past lives" to witness its development path.

First generation floodlight

I was the first generation of Floodlightss, born in 2009 - 2011, my shell structure is backpack floodlights, lamp beads to integrated lamp beads. Because of my chip technology is not mature enough, so the light effect is low, light fades; imitate the traditional metal halide lamp structure, the kit is modeled, the appearance of the lack of industrial design, waterproof effect is poor; in order to save costs some programs are not mature enough non-isolated power , Resulting in electric shock accidents.

I as a new product, in the new wave of technology came into being, but as Floodlights predecessors, I am not mature enough in all aspects of the market for my evaluation is the rapid development of quality is not good, "you still give me Traditional lighting it! "Overall, my birth has not been widely accepted by the market.

Second generation floodlight

I was the second generation of Floodlightss, was born in 2012 - 2013. I am die-cast aluminum shell structure, mainly integrated lamp beads. With the technology gradually mature, the manufacturers began to develop their own mold, but the cooling technology behind the high cost of aluminum, resulting in my high prices, energy saving money. So "expensive" I, still only a small number of accepted.

Third generation floodlight

I was born in 2014-2015, my shell structure is a variety of materials composite applications, light beads for the patch and single high power, patch began to become mainstream, integrated lamp beads out. My characteristic is the computer field of cooling technology into the lighting industry, to fins, heat pipe, stretch aluminum, die-casting aluminum-based. With the development of chip technology, the cooling requirements are further reduced. In the market application, I finally began a wide range of alternative metal halide lamp.

Fourth generation floodlight

As the latest generation of Floodlightss, I was born in 2016, now I am the aerospace class polymer material shell structure, lamp beads are still patch and single high power, patch began to become mainstream, integrated lamp beads step by step Out of phase. I use the aviation engineering plastics, combined with stamping aluminum heat. I finally do subversive tradition, as a star of the industry, recognized by the market.

Keming super small King Kong flood light, in the replacement of outstanding performance, one of the use of aerospace grade polymer materials and 1060 pure aluminum liner plastic package aluminum design, excellent heat dissipation; Second, high-strength polymer materials Shell, no leakage, electric shock risk; Third, low processing costs, green, recyclable. Meet the flame retardant, environmental protection requirements, sustainable use of renewable.

Floodlight features

Floodlights is actually led lamp cups. He has some of his own characteristics.

1, high purity aluminum reflector, the most accurate beam, the best reflection.

2, symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric distribution system.

3, behind the open replacement lamp, easy maintenance.

4, lamps are equipped with a dial to facilitate the adjustment of the angle of exposure.

The main application sites are probably these: single building, historical buildings outside the wall lighting, the building inside the light through the lighting, indoor local lighting