Floodlights Easy To Adjust The Irradiation Angle,

Floodlights, it is a point of light can be uniformly illuminated in all directions. The Floodlights produces a highly diffuse, non-directional light rather than a clear beam of light, so that the resulting shadows are soft and transparent, and when the object is illuminated, the speed of illumination is much slower than with the spotlight, And even some lighting weakened very slow Floodlights, looks like a light source does not produce shadows.

The Floodlights illuminates objects from a specific point in all directions, so you can use it to simulate bulbs and candles. In addition, since the Floodlights range is relatively large, the effect of the Floodlights is very easy to predict, and this light has many auxiliary purposes, for example, the Floodlights placed near the surface of the object, The surface of the object produces bright light. Mainly used for the hotel exterior, square night, garden lighting, interior decoration, outdoor flooding and so on.

  Floodlights also has its own characteristics:

1, high purity aluminum reflector, the most accurate beam, the best reflection.

2, symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric distribution system.

3, behind the open replacement lamp, easy maintenance.

4, lamps are equipped with a dial to facilitate the adjustment of the angle of exposure

   LED light source products in fact the most important advantages and features is energy efficient, efficient, such as our mustard seed light production Floodlights life of up to 50,000 hours or more, the luminous efficiency is also a few times the traditional. This is the traditional light source can not be achieved, so this is why the traditional light source products are gradually replaced.

In the context of the city, it is often not possible to install the Floodlightss in an ideal location. Should be adjusted at the scene based on the initial design of the lighting design in order to take into account the physical limits of the location and achieve the most satisfactory solution, such as taking into account the appearance of the fluorescent lamp, glare, maintenance and adjustment of the entrance.

The trees are usually illuminated by Floodlightss mounted on the ground. The arrangement of the lighting device depends on the specific shape and shape of each object. It is not recommended to install it on trees when there is a possibility that the Floodlights may be damaged. If it is fixed to the branches by means of a collar, it is necessary to adjust the collar with the growth of the branches regularly. If it is required to illuminate the higher part of the tree, for example, to illuminate the tree above the first layer of trees, it is necessary to hold the Floodlights on a thin rod above that plane.

For green grass or low bush, you can install the PAR light like a Floodlights on the ground or near the ground, keep a safe distance and carry out proper mechanical and electrical protection