Explosion Proof LED Lights The Shell To Achieve Good Heat Dissipation Effect

Identify safety lights and explosion-proof lights

General safety lights and explosion-proof lamp appearance is very similar. Some industrial and mining enterprises often mistakenly put the safety lights when the explosion-proof lights used in the explosion, which is very dangerous. General safety lights are also equipped with glass shades and seals, but only waterproof, dustproof, but can not prevent flammable gas drilling, such as to reach the explosion limit will cause an explosion. The main difference between the two is the explosion-proof lights on the explosion-proof electrical certificate number. Lamp shell and cast an explosion-proof mark, and the general safety lights are not these features and signs.

What is the LED explosion-proof lamp

Explosion Proof LED Lights mainly to high-power LED lamp beads and package integrated chip-based, combined with the lamp outside the structure and application requirements to customize, but the choice of LED explosion-proof light is the need to be careful, especially the choice of power size and lamps are stress , The size of the power of the lamp LED lamp shell size is closely integrated, because the high temperature LED lamps, power lamps need a little bigger natural cooling to achieve a good effect.

LED mine explosion-proof lamp is what the characteristics

Applicable to explosion-proof lamps for coal mine lighting with the risk of gas or (and) coal dust explosion. Coal mine lighting has been the use of incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving lamps three times. LED as the fourth generation of new light source, with high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, safety and reliability, environmental protection and so on. LED has been widely used in coal mine safety production, and played an irreplaceable role, LED mine explosion-proof lamp has been popular. Because of the many advantages of LED light source, it will also have a broad application prospect in coal mine. The coal mine energy conservation, improve safety and reduce the cost of coal mining has a significant role.

LED explosion-proof lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, the principle of the same with the explosion-proof lights, but the light source is the LED light source, refers to the explosion in order to prevent the surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas and other specific Measures of the lamps. Explosion Proof LED Lights is the most energy-efficient explosion-proof lamps, widely used in oil fields - power plants - chemical plants - oil - troops.

One of the most important principles of explosion protection for LED explosion-proof lamps is to limit the temperature of the surface of the enclosure, the surface of the component or the surface of the electronic component in contact with the explosive gas, the explosive dust, and the temperature of the electrical contact surface below its minimum ignition temperature or ignition temperature The In outdoor use Explosion Proof LED Lights, need to use waterproof drive. Explosion Proof LED Lights used in the gas station need shock!

1. Explosion-proof lamps of the explosion-proof category, level and temperature group see the national standard.

2. According to the explosion-proof type is divided into flameproof, plus type, positive pressure type, no spark type and dust explosion-proof type of five major types, but also by other explosion-proof type and the above-mentioned various types of explosion-proof combination or composite type The

3. According to the type of electric shock protection can be divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ class. Protection against electric shock is to prevent the explosion-proof lamp shell is easy to touch the parts charged, so that the body of electric shock or different potential of the conductor to trigger the spark and ignite the explosive mixture.

4. According to the protection of the shell classification: in order to protect the dust, solid foreign body and water into the lamp chamber, touch or accumulate in the live parts to produce flashover, short circuit or damage to electrical insulation and other hazards, a variety of protective methods to protect the electrical The role of insulation. Use the feature letter "IP" followed by two numbers to characterize its enclosure protection level. The first figure indicates the ability to protect people, solid foreign bodies or dust. Divided into 0-6 level. Explosion-proof lamps is a sealed lamp, the dust-proof capacity of at least 4 or more, the first two figures that the water protection capacity, divided into 0-8 level.

5. According to the design of the support surface material classification: indoor explosion-proof lamps may be installed in many ordinary combustible materials on the surface, such as wood walls and ceilings, they do not allow explosion-proof lamps installed surface temperature exceeds safety values. According to the explosion-proof lamps can be installed directly on the surface of ordinary combustible materials can be divided into two categories.