Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights Easy Installation And Maintenance, Long Service Life

1, classification and selection of Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights generally use the selected light source, explosion-proof structure type, use the classification.Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof floodlights, etc .; according to explosion-proof structure type classification of explosion-proof lamps, increased safety lamps, composite lighting, etc .; according to the use of classification of fixed Explosion-proof lamps and portable Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights.

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights of light source selection. Incandescent lamps are still used more often, but because of low luminous efficiency, short life, is gradually being replaced by other light sources.

Explosion-proof lamps of the explosion-proof structure type, according to the explosive gas environment, the regional level and scope of the decision, such as the area must be used within the explosion-proof lamps; 2 area of fixed lamps can be used flameproof and increased safety, mobile lighting must Using flameproof. The level or group of selected explosion-proof lamps shall not be lower than the level and group of explosive mixtures in explosive atmospheres. At the same time to consider the impact of the environment on the explosion-proof lamps should meet the ambient temperature, air humidity, corrosion or contaminating substances and other environmental requirements. According to the different environmental requirements to choose the degree of protection of lamps and anti-corrosion level. Especially in the explosive gas environment, there is a corrosive gas, the choice of the corresponding anti-corrosion performance of the lamp is essential.

Previously, in the petrochemical enterprises, the explosion of dangerous places mainly use flameproof lighting. With the increasing use of increased safety equipment in Zone 2 explosion hazards, increased safety and complex lighting are also increasingly being used. Increased safety lamps on the basis of a certain explosion-proof performance, compared with the Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights, with a light weight, low price, easy installation and maintenance, long life and other advantages. In the petrochemical enterprises to use the most common compound electrical equipment is increased security - explosion-proof composite explosion-proof electrical equipment, generally by the flame-proof parts, by the type of terminal blocks and security by the three parts, it is both flameproof safety Performance, but also has the advantages of increased security.

2,Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights maintenance and repair

Explosion-proof lamps should be checked from the nameplate and product brochure before installation: Explosion-proof type, class, grade, group; protective class of housing; installation and installation requirements for fasteners. Explosion-proof lamps to ensure that the installation of fixed, fastening bolts shall not be replaced, spring washers should be complete. Dustproof, waterproof with the seal when installed as it is installed. Cable into the line, the cable and the gasket to be closely fit, the cable cross-section should be round, and the jacket surface should not be bump and other defects. The excess inlet port, according to the type of explosion-proof plug, and tighten the tightening nut, so that the inlet port seal.