Explosion Proof Floodlights Power Grid Efficiency, Improve The Safety Level Of The Grid

First: we compare the led flood light 100w and 250W explosion-proof metal halide floodlight luminous flux. From the data point of view, LED light source of the floodlight is less than the luminous flux of metal halide value.

Then, here to mention the effective luminous flux (pupil lumen PLM), the effective luminous flux of the human eye pupil for the total luminous flux of the direct visual response, LED light source of the effective luminous flux is usually about 95% of its own luminous flux, Luminous, all projected down to the work surface.

So the LED flood light 100W effective luminous flux should be about 9800lm, and metal halide lamp luminous flux is usually only 60% of its own luminous flux (metal halide lamp contains many invisible light, such as ultraviolet, infrared, etc., about 40% , And because the metal halide bulb four light, rely on the reflector to reflect the direction of the work surface, so they lost part of the luminous flux, calculate the effective luminous flux should be about 10800lm. Its effective utilization rate is relatively low, reach the work surface also 9100lm or so.

It can be seen, LED flood light 100W and 250W metal halide floodlight effective luminous flux is almost the same. With the LED lighting products in more and more areas, people can often see the LED lighting products, usually the first reaction that is bright LED lights, I think this is to fully explain the LED light source effective luminous flux is relatively large the reason.

Second: we compare the LED flood light 100W and 250W metal halide floodlight color rendering index. Jetstar optoelectronics imported LED chip color rendering index can generally reach 82 or so, generally at least 75-80. And metal halide lamp color rendering index of 65, through this value we can clearly see the LED flood light 100W color rendering index is higher than the 250W metal halide floodlight color rendering index, which fully shows the LED Light under the object to see objects in the metal halide lamp under the light to see the object more natural, realistic some. For the workers in the nightly production workshop, the lighting products with high color rendering index will look more comfortable and will not be so prone to visual fatigue for a long time.

Third: Compare the power factor value. LED flood light 100W using high-quality constant current drive power, the power factor value can reach 0.95 or more. A little bit of metal halide lamp floodlight products, due to the use of the inductive ballast, usually equipped with compensation capacitor can reach 0.75 or so, from this point of view, 100W LED light source is to be better than 250W metal halide light source of.

A 250W metal halide lamp, the total power consumption of the entire lamp up to = 250W + [250W × (20-30%)]

= 300W - 325W. The total power consumption of the whole lamp consists of two parts, one part is the power consumption of the lamp; the other part is the power consumption of the inductance ballast.

Inductive ballast power consumption, the general power consumption of 20-30% of the lamp, inductance ballast technical quality worse, the longer the use of time, the greater the power consumption.

Some people will say that the power factor is only a value for the user power consumption does not have any impact, but I want to say is to improve the power class value is to improve the efficiency of the power grid to improve the safety level of the grid. Thereby improving the efficiency and safety of the entire power system. This is why many manufacturers also deliberately buy expensive power compensation equipment. In addition, for this point, the state has now taken coercive measures, the user must meet the required power factor, otherwise it will be fine. In general this value is 0.9. Jie Nengxing lighting selected LED power supply, power factor in more than 0.95. So the choice of high power factor 100W led explosion-proof floodlight products are conducive to their own energy saving, is conducive to their own circuit security, but also a manifestation of social responsibility. General power factor is too low lamps, is not through the acceptance.

Fourth: life analysis. The use of imported chips, high-quality constant current drive power supply 100W Led floodlight theoretical life of up to 50,000 hours, and a little better 250W metal halide floodlights usually theoretical life is only about 10,000 hours. Of course, that the theoretical life of 50000 hours does not necessarily say 100WLED explosion-proof floodlight life in 5 years or longer, which with the use of the environment, temperature, light failure and other aspects of a very large association, in general, LED Explosion-proof floodlight 100W actual use of time should be about three years (330 days a year, 12 hours a day). Such a lighting product should be able to meet most of the users.

Fifth: light failure situation. The metal halide lamp light failure, which is another weakness of the metal halide lamp, metal halide light bad weight, light source life in the latter part of the illumination is not enough, less than the requirements of the use of workshop lighting and power consumption increased. And the use of imported chips and constant current drive power LED explosion-proof floodlight 100W is usually in the light after 10,000 hours is still able to maintain about 75% of luminous flux.