Explosion Proof Floodlights Long Life, Environmental Protection

1. Because Explosion Proof Floodlights are solid cold light source, heat a small, low energy consumption, long life, environmental protection and other characteristics, so there is a great market demand. 2. The country is also vigorously promoting LED explosion-proof lights. 3. In the national policy, many cities have implemented the installation of Explosion Proof Floodlights. 4. Industry scale is getting bigger and bigger, the regional pattern is basically formed. 5.LED in the proportion of common lighting is getting higher and higher, commercial and public lighting has become an important application areas.  Especially in the field of outdoor lighting is higher, the overall market is relatively low. Mainly concentrated in the road, tunnels, squares, subway lighting and other public areas of lighting. 6. In the application, China is the global lighting industry manufacturing base. LED lighting products manufacturing capacity and exports ranked first in the world.

1, good explosion-proof performance, you can easily qualified for any dangerous use of the site. 2, with the light as a source of light, high efficiency, wide range of radiation, the service life can reach ten years. 3, have a good electromagnetic compatibility, to ensure that the surrounding work environment will not be affected. 4, the lamp body is the use of a lighter quality alloy material, which has the advantage of strong corrosion resistance, and can impact; transparent pieces using high temperature, impact resistance made of tempered glass, through our processing design greatly Reducing the temperature inside the lamp body, thereby improving the lamp life. 5, small size easy to carry, suitable for the use of various places, and easy to understand, everyone is a good hand to get a good lamp.

1, energy saving; 2, longevity; 3, can work in high-speed state; 4, solid-state packaging, are cold light source type; 5, Explosion Proof Floodlights technology is progress in progress, prices are constantly reduced; 6, Hazardous substances in mercury.

In order to protect the dust, solid foreign body and water into the lamp chamber, touch or accumulate in the live parts on the flashover, short circuit or damage the electrical insulation and other hazards, a variety of shell protection to protect the role of electrical insulation. Use the feature letter "IP" followed by two numbers to characterize its enclosure protection level. The first figure indicates the ability to protect people, solid foreign bodies, or dust. Divided into 0-6 level. Explosion-proof lamps is a sealed lamp, the dust-proof capacity of at least 4 or more, the first two figures that the water protection capacity, divided into 0-8 level.

Indoor explosion-proof lamps may be installed on many surfaces of ordinary combustible materials, such as wooden walls and ceilings, which do not allow the temperature of the surface of the explosion-proof lamp to be installed above the safe value. According to the explosion-proof lamps can be installed directly on the surface of ordinary combustible materials can be divided into two categories. One is suitable for installation only on non-combustible surfaces. The other is suitable for direct installation in the ordinary combustible material surface of the lamp, there are marked symbols.

First, this explosion-proof lamp shell is a high-tech products, it has the function of explosion-proof shock, can effectively ensure that people work in a dangerous environment when the personal safety.  Second, led explosion-proof light distribution with the other light bulbs more unique, it can effectively work in the underground when the light is not fully utilized. And it sends out the light will be more than ordinary explosion-proof light, and there is no glare. This can better protect people's eyes, but also can work in the underground work efficiency has been greatly improved. Third, led explosion-proof lamp power consumption is very low, it is lower than the average light bulb power consumption of 40 percent. Moreover, it is higher than the brightness of ordinary lights. Fourth, constitute this type of explosion-proof lamp components brand is the world's top brands, so it is very efficient, stability is also very good. Fifth, led explosion-proof lights have a unique cooling system.