Emergency Lights Power Failure Can Automatically Achieve Emergency Function

What are the precautions for emergency lights?

1, to determine the installation location of lamps and power boxes, select the appropriate installation, and prepare the appropriate length of the three-core cable and five-core cable.

2, with M5 Allen wrench to open the cable into the mouth of the power box cover, remove the ballast. Connect one end of the prepared three-core cable to the ballast from the output of the power supply box at the output of the power supply box; then connect one end of the five-core cable from the input terminal of the power supply box to the ballast; insert the battery wiring into the circuit board The corresponding battery positive and negative wiring (note: red line then positive, black line negative), close the power box cover and fixed.

3, according to the location of the lamps and power boxes were installed after the fixed, with M6 hex wrench unscrew the front cover around the front of the fastening screws, open the front cover, the other end of the three-core cable with explosion-proof requirements with the lamp connection, And then the front cover is fixed; the other end of the five-core cable according to explosion-proof requirements connected to electricity, you can achieve lighting.

4, the ballast circuit board emergency function switch to the OFF position, to achieve the external control of the emergency lighting function (if you do not need to use wire control emergency,Emergency lights simply switch the switch to the ON position, power failure can automatically achieve emergency Features.

5, replace the lamp, with M6 hex wrench unscrew the front cover around the front of the fastening screws, open the front cover, unscrew the old lamp replacement of the new lamp tightening, and then the front cover can be fixed.

Fire emergency lights how to buy?

1, buy fire emergency lights to pay attention to buy regular manufacturers of products, some counterfeit products in order to reduce costs, the use of components are more inferior products, with a long time will be frequent breakdown, to the consumer caused by loss The Pick up when picking up a few times to check the internal battery and power transformer fixed parts are solid, if the internal sound, then the internal components loose, otherwise it is fixed well.

2, check the function switch is normal. The switch will be placed in the dual fluorescent lamp position. At this time the two tubes should immediately lit at the same time, and the brightness of the same flicker-free phenomenon. The ear attached to the lamp shell, carefully listen to the internal step-up transformer leakage phenomenon, if there is leakage phenomenon, step-up transformer will produce "Zizi" sound.

3, turn on the power, charging indicator light should be lit, listen to the internal power transformer is due to loose core and the resulting "buzzing" sound. Fourth, the use of emergency lights to note that the lights dim, fluorescent lights should be activated immediately when the charge, a charge about 14 hours. Long time not used, should be charged once a month 3 months, about 8 hours.