Emergency Lights Keep Lighting In Case Of Emergency

The role of emergency lights

Emergency lights are in the normal lighting system due to power failure, no longer provide normal lighting conditions, for evacuation, security or continue to work the lights. Emergency lights are different from ordinary lighting, which includes: spare lighting, evacuation lighting, safety lighting three.

Standby lighting should normally be set in the following locations:

(1) A place such as hydrogen production, paint production, chemical, petroleum, plastic, celluloid and its products for the production, production and solvent production of accidents such as explosion, fire and poisoning after the power failure is not carried out in a timely manner or disposal Some operating parts.

(2) after the power failure is not carried out in a timely manner or disposal will cause the production process confusion or processing of valuable parts damaged. Such as chemical industry, some of the oil industry processes, metallurgical, aerospace and other industrial steelmaking furnaces, metal melting casting, heat treatment and precision machining workshops in certain sectors.

(3) places where lighting is extinguished will result in greater political or serious economic losses. Such as important communication centers, radio stations, television stations, power plants and central substations, control centers, national and international conference centers, important hotels, international terminals, transport hubs, important power supply stations (heating, gas supply , Oil supply) and water supply facilities.

(4) lighting extinguished will hinder the fire rescue work carried out by the place. Such as fire control room, emergency generator room, radio room and power distribution room.

(5) Important underground buildings will not work and move due to lighting extinguishment. Such as subway stations, underground hospitals, large and medium-sized underground shopping malls, underground hotels, underground restaurants, underground garage and underground entertainment.

(6) lighting extinguished will cause cash, valuables stolen place. Such as large and medium-sized shopping malls of valuables sales area, cashier and bank cashier and so on.

Emergency lights function

Evacuation emergency lights, signs lights, collectively referred to as fire emergency lighting, fire safety measures are required in an important product. It usually has to provide lighting as an ordinary fixture. When an emergency, such as an earthquake, a fire or a circuit failure, causes a sudden interruption of the power supply, all light sources have ceased to work, and at this point it must provide reliable lighting immediately and instruct the crowd to evacuate Direction and emergency exit position to ensure that the people stranded in the darkness of the smooth evacuation. It can be seen that the emergency lighting is a light source that keeps lighting and guides evacuation in case of emergency. The

Emergency lights

Emergency lighting by the light source, light source driver, rectifier, inverter, battery, logo lamp shell and other components. In general, the mains 220V through the light source driver, driving the normal lighting of the light source, while the rectifier through the battery to add electricity, even after turning off the lighting in the case of the case, the rectifier is still working in the state of charge, so that the battery pack is always full Combat readiness. When the emergency situation, the city suddenly stopped, the inverter will automatically start the inverter circuit, the battery low-voltage power into high-voltage power, driving the light source to continue lighting.