Difference Between LED Fluorescent Tubes With Conventional Fluorescent Tubes

Produced by LED LED fluorescent tube, the appearance of the structure with the traditional fluorescent tubes of the same, LED fluorescent tubes within tubes using---LED light emitting diodes semiconductor solid state light emitting devices.

LED fluorescent tube advantages: LED fluorescent tubes characterized by high quality, durable and energy-saving, projection angle adjustment range, the brightness equivalent to an ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp 15W. High temperature-resistant, moisture-proof waterproof and leakproof. Working voltage: 110V, 220V optional, optional glass cover or PC material. Lamp with fluorescent lamp.

LED fluorescent lamp using the latest LED lighting technology, digital design, power-saving up to 70%, 12W LED solar light intensity equivalent to 40W fluorescent tube (used for ballast and Starter, 36W fluorescent real 42W to 44W power consumption). LED fluorescent lamp tube life for more than 10 times of ordinary lamps, virtually maintenance-free, without replacing the lamp, ballast, starter. Green semiconductor light source, light, soft, spectral purity, vision in favour of consumer protection and health. 6000K cool on the cold light source giving the Visual feel, humanized illumination design differences, helps to focus and improve efficiency. Are truly green lighting.

Ordinary fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tube: thin, long, unlike some bulbs are rounded.

Fluorescent lamp structure and function: fluorescent lamp at each end there is a filament lamp tube has a thin trace amounts of argon and mercury vapor, on the inner wall of the tube is coated with a fluorescent powder, conductive filament between two gases when UV rays, makes the phosphor gives a soft light.

Characteristics of fluorescent lamps: lamp starts lighting requires a higher voltage, normal light only allows a small current, when both ends of the lamp voltage is lower than the supply voltage.

Both ends of the fluorescent tubes fitted with filament, glass tube wall is coated with a thin uniform layer of phosphor tubes are vacuum-10-3-10-4 mm Hg after, filled with a small amount of inert gases, while also injecting tiny amounts of liquid mercury. Ballast is an iron-core inductors, inductor current in the coil is the nature of change, the coil will cause the change of flux, resulting in induced electromotive force, the opposite direction to the direction of the current, thus preventing the change in current.

Starter switch in the circuit, it consists of a neon tube and a capacitor in parallel, capacitance to eliminate electromagnetic interference on power and ballast form the oscillation circuit increase start pulse voltage amplitude. A bimetallic composition for electrodes in the discharge tube, use of neon lamp discharge, bimetallic strip at the time of opening and closing, causing ballast current mutations and produce a high voltage pulse to both ends of the tube.

Dang fluorescent access circuit yihou, up Hui device two a electrode between began glow discharge, makes double metal tablets heated expansion and and static touch very contact, so power, and ballast, and filament and up Hui device constitute a closed loop, current makes filament Preheat, dang heated time 1-3 seconds Hou, up Hui device of two a electrode between of glow discharge out, with of double metal tablets cooling and and static touch very disconnect, dang two a electrode disconnect of moments, circuit in the of current suddenly disappeared, so ballast produced a high pressure pulse, it and power overlay Hou, Added to both ends of the lamp, the inert gas ionization caused by ARC discharge in the lamp, in the course of normal light, the self-inductance of ballast also plays a role of steady current in a circuit.