Basic Knowledge Of Solar Street Lights

Solar PV Sun energy, by solar power modules to accept solar radiation, light energy into electrical energy during the day, charge and power management controller, when used, controller based on programmable electric energy power supply power supply equipment.

Equipped with inverter and protective devices, can function to communications equipment.

Solar PV products include a variety of solar lights, solar controller, solar flashlight, solar power systems.

Some basic knowledge about solar energy Street lamp:

1, how to choose a solar lamp light?

Select high efficiency, energy-saving light solar lamp.

Applied solar energy lamp light (bulb) include: efficient DC energy-saving lamps, ultra bright LED semiconductor lamp, electrodeless electromagnetic Induction lamp (LVD) and low pressure sodium (LPS) and high pressure sodium (HPS) and so on.

At present, a lot of solar lawn lamp select LED as light;

Solar Garden lights and LED and DC 12 v energy-saving light bulbs as light;

Solar street lights according to actual needs, in DC 12 v energy-saving lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, unlimited choice of electromagnetic Induction lamp and other light.

Whether you choose the kind of light, is directly related to power, its brightness and light.

The same light, the greater the power, the brighter;

Lower power, lower the brightness.

2, how long can a sunny weather solar lighting?

Solar lighting can be set according to user needs.

Same location, directly correlated with solar power components and storage power ratio option.

, Under the premise of, confirmation of power can choose solar power components and power storage capacity, greater powers to ensure the lighting for a long time, shortening instead.

Standard system configuration should generally ensure the lighting time of 5 to 10 hours a day.

3, solar lights in rainy weather can be used how long?

Solar lights in time can be used to guarantee continuous rainy days according to the specific circumstances and customer requirements.

Usually, when it comes to continuous rainy weather, shall meet at least 2 days (5 to 10 hours a day) lighting time.

4 or how long life is the main component of photovoltaic products?

Solar power modules, controllers, and storage power supply, lighting the four main components of solar lighting products alone, and their service life refer to the following table:

Main component reference service life

Solar power components for 25 years

Controller for ten years

Power 3-5

Different illumination

5, how to compare products prices?

The main factors affecting the price of solar lights solar power and the maximum capacity of the power supply.

High power and large-capacity configurations, will pay a higher cost;

The other hand, can be reduced.

Solar power components and the size of the power supply match according to different requirements of different systems.