Professional maintenance method of rear projection mosaic wall

Change your thinking, starting from prevention

As we all know, rear projection mosaic wall is a high-end display device, its cost is the cost and supplies are high, if there are problems with inspection and maintenance costs and at the same time the maintenance costs are high, so some users think that did not appear until the device would not have to do this extra work, problems and then fix it.

In fact, this idea is wrong, and be sure to get rid of this idea. Because a large part of machine failure due to maintenance of the machines have not done for a long time, makes its aging of parts causes the failure to occur. Failure often occurs at this point are some of the major faults, failures are also some of the main components, serious as parts replacement is required if the cost is much higher than the daily maintenance fee.

Only effective maintenance it often can make the product more stable, longer service life. So be sure to plan regular maintenance of equipment, although it must pay some of the costs, but can be very effective in reducing the chance of equipment failure, greatly reduced spending on maintenance and replacement parts, it is a way of saving costs.

Dust is the most important

Temperature due to rear-projection unit lights up to more than 1000 degrees, and many of the devices inside the working temperature is below 70 degrees, in order to solve the heat problem many users will use air-cooled cooling heat sink. It reaches a certain temperature, but worry that doing so will be dust in the air entering the tank. Dust component damage is hard to imagine.

So once the dust cannot be cleaned, would affect the cooling of the machine itself, and can also cause poor insulating ability, the drop shadow effect, circuit component damage due to high temperature, and many other negative consequences. Regular maintenance of rear-projection unit, is to reduce rear-projection unit to use effects and very important means of reducing maintenance costs. Clear gather dust in the machine is the one of the main tasks of rear-projection unit maintenance.

There is also a need to remind a user of a sentence, never since the product can now display image maintenance is not a problem. So once missed the gold maintenance on equipment, coupled with the dust against, followed the peak will be maintenance problems, a large number of maintenance cost will make you miserable.

In order to avoid risks, bulbs must be regularly replaced

Under normal circumstances, earlier use of unit rear projection mosaic is a certain life of the bulb, the brightness of the bulb will fall sharply after a period of use, at this point is to remind you the bulb changed. Because the bulb is very explosive, once this happens, light bulb loss was small, if high temperature insulating glass shattering, so dearly purchased. So you must remember to regularly check and replaced the bulb, prevent the occurrence of accidents. LED now lights and laser lights in the maintenance is relatively easy, no need to replace the bulb.