Large-screen mosaic principle resolution DLP mosaic

Large display, clear picture, in the big-screen mosaic picture so beautiful at the same time, people can not help but think of its large-screen mosaic principle today talking about DLP rear projection mosaic display principle and advantages.

Principle of DLP

DLP is "Digital Lighting Progress" abbreviation. Its meaning for the digital light processing, which means that this technique first digitally processed video images, then light out. It is based on de instrument company development of digital micro-reflection mirror devices-DMD to completed displayed digital Visual information of eventually link, and DMD is is Digital Micromirror Device of abbreviations, literally mean for digital micro-mirror components, this is refers to in DLP technology system in the of core--optical engine heart used of digital micro-mirror chip, it is in CMOS of standard semiconductor business drive Shang, plus a can adjustable variable reflection surface of rotating institutions formed of devices.

, To be more specific, is the DMD chip DLP projection technology is applied (DMD) for key components of digital optical processing. The principle is the light source through an integrator (Integrator), homogenization of light through a color wheel with color RGB (ColorWheel), divides the light into r, g, b color, then color imaging on the DMD. To synchronize the signal method, rotating lens digital telecommunications, continuous light into gray scale, with the r, g, b colors and the color came out, culminating in a lens projection.