DLP splicing screen dust do you value?

DLP seamless mosaic screen displayed system dust of protection is very important of, life in the, we common of computer, dust of cumulative, directly effect computer of running, so, like DLP big screen, dust more important, everyone are know big screen movement using large of optical component, and dust on optical component, against quite big, so big screen for dust of protection is quite key of. Dust may have a lot of impact on it, as evidenced in the following 4 points:

1, decline in brightness

Environmental fallout seriously, the brightness within half a year more than it is possible to reduce 40%, usually new reflectivity of the reflective lenses specification for more than 98%, and through the legal specifications of the lens is above 97%, the requirements are higher, in order to obtain efficient output brightness, when the dust protection is bad, dust accumulation on the surface of optical components, reflectance and transmittance decline caused a decline in brightness over time.

2, decreased compared

Contrast is defined as the large-screen display unit can output the maximum brightness value divided by the brightness of the darkest values when in dark scenes, dust will reflected on optical component stray will not cast light from the lens projected out, increase the brightness of the shadow. As bright as some of the light are blocked by dust, reduce the amount of light reflection and penetration, while lowering the light intensity value, the comparison naturally fell back and forth.

3, decreased sharpness, image blurring

Sharpness decreases due to change of refractive index of optical components. When a lens or lens surface dust, lens surface across a layer of irregular negative refractive index of the material, resulting in optical path changes, focus is on a different focus, so images become blurred.

4, color wheel damage

Color wheel speed is quite high, about 7200 RPM, dust protection when dust gradually accumulated on the wheel, causing the rotation of the wheel imbalance, like a car wheel is out of balance, causing body vibration theory. Color wheel vibration damage to the motor, and can also cause color wheel speed or unstable, resulting in failure.