DLP advantages

From the DLP technology principle, has the following advantages:

1, noise advantages: DLP digital nature makes noise disappear because DLP has the ability to complete the last link of the underlying structure of digital video, and communications environment provides a platform for development of digital visualization, DLP technology provides a projection method of displaying digital signals can be achieved, this completes the digital infrastructure, with minimal signal noise.

2, accurate grayscale level: its number can obtain exact digital gray-scale nature of the fine image quality and color reproduction.

3, reflecting benefits: devices for DMD is a reflection, it has more than 60% of the light efficiency, making DLP system more efficient. This efficiency is the reflectivity, fill factor, and actual lens diffraction efficiency "on" time to produce results, which resulted in all DLP display technology can only really worked 7x24 hours display.

4, seamless image advantages: 90% pixel/lens size can effectively reflect light and forms an image projection. Entire array of pixel size and uniformity of intervals, and not dependent on the resolution. Higher fill factor gives higher resolution DMD so that, combined with progressive scanning, creating a more natural than ordinary projectors live projection image.

5, reliability: DMD has been by all standards semiconductor validation test. It also simulate the actual operating environment conditions DMD obstacles tests, including thermal shock resistance, temperature cycle, moisture, mechanical shock, vibration and Acceleration experiments.

For large-screen mosaic principle above, with its perfect rear projection mosaic patchwork of widely loved by the world, the only downside is the size take up physical space. With the rapid development of technology, believe DLP splicing will also be greater breakthroughs in order to secure its dominance of the mosaic industry.