Between the LCD and DLP rear projection large screen mosaic users choose

See stitching LCD and DLP rear projection

LCD splicing is the emergence in recent years of a new mosaic, LCD liquid crystal mosaic wall with low power consumption, light weight, long life (typically work for 60,000 hours), no radiation, screen brightness, small size, light weight, easy and quick to install, occupy less space and so on. But the biggest drawback is that you cannot do seamless, although through constant efforts, from the initial 1-2 cm, reduced to 5.3 mm now, but still failed to reach the true meaning of "seamless" slot requirements.

DLP rear projection mosaic as boss of traditional products, with its picture perfect seams and a high level of consistency and integrity, has been dominating the high-end industry applications, that other products can't shake. While in use the LED backlight and laser DLP has a better screen adjustability. On this basis, DLP seam strengths are self-evident, the minimum can control 0.1mm, maximum not more than 1mm. of course, DLP splicing also has its own shortcomings, such as power consumption, large size.

LCD and DLP projection in the industry on the advantages and disadvantages

You can easily control the thickness of liquid crystal mosaic wall in the 20 to 30 cm, this is DLP technology as compared to thickness of 0.5 to 1 metre. Meanwhile, ultra-thin liquid crystal mosaic can be consistent with the design of wall space as possible, rather than a significant lordosis, the aesthetic advantage is enough to make it compete with DLP splicing. In the majority of commercial marketing, exhibition and public space in the market, space occupied is enormous cost and Visual discord, LCD with thin features, won a DLP in those areas difficult to squeeze in the living space.

Compared with the traditional DLP products, LCD splicing also has a distinct advantage, that is, any reversal of the position, rotation, and to arbitrarily placed horizontal, vertical, angle and stitching. DLP splicing can also be designed to be vertical and inclined to use products, but this will no doubt increase in the cost to influence the market application and popularity. Can say that so far, point special stitching is still dominated by LCD.

LCD tiled display another new application was inseparable from the LCD cell thin features. This is often can be seen in the exhibition and entertainment "sports mosaic." At present, the LCD unit used in sport project is mainly based on 46 and 55-inch unit. Small and medium size popular stitching unit is mainly due to its slimmer, features, this also explains why DLP splicing can not enter the movement of tiled display areas of the cause.

On the surface, liquid crystal mosaic advantage is obvious. But if deeper, you'll find some problems. Such as seam, although liquid crystal mosaic patchwork of shrinking, but so far remain in the 5.3mm, the DLP rear projection, only a fraction of a millimeter of seam is incomparable, obviously seam is restricted to high-end LCD industry in the first place. LCD is fastest, but industry insiders believe that education within a short time still can't shake the dominance of DLP stitching.

First, DLP splicing after so many years of development, has been deeply rooted in the minds of people, and many have very stringent requirements for seam of high-end applications, rear projection mosaic is the best choice. DLP stitching no big breakthroughs over the years, but the LED light sources have been solve DLP rear projection mosaic maintenance costs high, short life and other fundamental issues, which also inspired the confidence of DLP mosaic manufacturers.

DLP appeared early, with stable performance, high picture consistency in transportation, finance, Government, military, police, energy, electric power and other high-end took root deeply in the field. In contrast, the LCD industry is very low barriers to entry, with more and more manufacturers joined, competition in the industry as a whole more competitive. Many weak companies in order to seize the market, not shoddy, lower quality and service, in a vicious price war, if this is not handled properly, will seriously affect the healthy development of the industry as a whole. Relatively more stable pricing system DLP stitching, which also hold a DLP mosaic makers of heart, so that they will not give up the rear projection mosaic, and will invest more time and money to research and development and innovation. Such as product innovation, 3D DLP splicing unit appears, 1080P full HD DLP splicing unit appears, the emergence of DLP stitching unit with touch function which gives users a new stitching experience. Technical innovations, DLP splicing glass not only makes the screen splicing wall color more beautiful but also solve DLP splicing the existing security problems and the emergence of laser source was provided DLP splicing into a therapeutic, DLP splicing in intensity, low attenuation, long good life improved. Industry for the future development of laser sources are still very bullish, and power of the manufacturers have launched a laser DLP splicing unit.


Both LCD and DLP technology in PK, victory is not important. It is important to recognize their own advantages and disadvantages, perfect lack of better play to its own advantages and common development, so as to promote large-splicing market development. Users do not have to struggle to choose which product is better, as long as the choice of the right that is the best.