Application of LCD screens in public places

Application of LCD:

1, and security monitoring aspects: monitoring video wall main solution more road signal of concentrated control displayed, on more block screen assembled mosaic Hou, in same platform Shang, real-time computer picture, and video image of mixed displayed, can to single displayed independent picture, also can through mosaic software achieved more block screen of image zoom mosaic displayed, means flexible changeable, full meet video image monitoring of using needs.

2, showing:

1), real-time, clear display of bus and train information, at rush hour and every passenger can choose according to their own time travel, relieve overcrowding;

2), you can display weather forecasts and other information for the convenience, giving commuters more convenient;

3), in addition, the narrow side, Super narrow big-screen mosaic in which passenger traffic may also place various types of advertising, such as information campaigns, opportunities are everywhere.