About image splicing processor features and buying tips

Image processor is big screen mosaic system among essential of equipment, image processor in big screen system in the of importance is undoubtedly, if put a big screen displayed system as a Taiwan computer words, so it is whole big screen system of brain organ-CPU. whole system in the of all information are after various channel handed it to processing, then it again will processing of results handed displayed part to rendering. But many users are not fully aware, buy often are at a loss, so today is to teach some simple image processor to buy knowledge.

When it comes to purchasing must, above all, to understand the definitions and functions of image processor. Image processor and was called TV wall controller, and TV wall mosaic device, and displayed wall mosaic device, and mosaic wall controller, and more screen mosaic processor, and displayed wall processor and so on, its main function is will a full of image signal divided into n block Hou distribution to n a video displayed unit (as back voted unit), completed with multiple general video unit composition a super big screen dynamic image display, can support variety video equipment of while access, While it can implement more than one physical output into a resolution after the addition of ultra high resolution display output, screen wall forming a super high resolution, ultra bright, large display size, display, multiple signal source (network signals and RGB signals and video signals) screen on the wall of Windows, move, scale, and other display functions. Users wanting to understand clearly when in the purchase of the following parameters:

Video output: video output function is more important (graphics similar to the calculator), each channel video output corresponds to a display device, video output port is crucial to the resolution, refresh rate, and other parameters.

RGB input signal: RGB signal input number determines the number of window screen appears directly above the signal source.

Video input signal: video input signals including composite video, s-video input number and format.

RS232: RS232 depends on multi-screen processor manufacturers.

Redundant power supply: currently on the market have a redundant power supply functionality for splicing, ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

Software: software is essential, determines the speed of all control, special effects, function, output signal quality is good or bad, so that users are aware.

Another point to note is, high-end processor also is equipped with specialized management software, network control, provide system interfaces, to matrix display devices and network hardware device, such as a centralized control, and so on, it can efficiently organize multiple display devices for display, and can manage a variety of signals and equipment. Management software development company and developer of technology and industry knowledge, high and low, and there are big differences, specific performance, functionality and easiness of operation also has some gaps when you purchase to be aware.